I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap. This episode definitely cleared up a lot of things regarding Jang Yoon’s true intentions towards Yi Young and also we were left with an unexpected cliffhanger. Below are the highlights of episode 7-8, to see the recaps of episode 5-6, click here.

Yi Young Cloudy Memory

This episode continued with Yi Young feeling dizzy after learning about Jang Yoon’s brother, Kim Ian, that was killed in the accident. She is left in a state of shock after trying to figure out why the name ‘Kim Ian’ was affecting her so much. After she was told he was murdered in a car accident it doesn’t seem like she had made the connection between her accident and his.

Furthermore, Jang Yoon had revealed that Kim Ian was murdered by someone he loved, which adds to another part of this mysterious puzzle. It leads us to question if Yi Young and Kim Ian were involved romantically and who his actual killer was.

The ending of the last episode was a bit misleading as it brought us the viewers to believe that, she had actually remembered who Kim Ian was. However in the continuation of this episode, she still actually doesn’t have a vivid recollection of who is he, however, we do see where she is triggered by the sound of his name.

SIDENOTE: I’m not sure if you guys notice, but every time Yi Young gets glimpses of the accident and Jang Yoon is present she always becomes afraid of him. Since the start of the drama, we’ve seen where Yi Young suspects Jang Yoon but then she seems to like his cheekiness. So the viewer is left trying to figure if she likes or fears him. But I guess that’s why its a mystery genre.


Jang Yoon Jealous?

In this episode, we got to see more of the mysterious character of Jang Yoon. It is somewhat clear what his motives are towards Yi Young. Based on what we’ve learned so far, he believes his brother was killed by Yi Young and it appears he is trying to clarify if she’s truly suffering from advanced traumatic stress.
It seems that the reason for Jang Yoon appearing in Yi Young’s life is because he wants her to feel the guilt after killing someone he loved. He probably hates to see her living an unbothered life as if nothing ever happened. This can be proven by the different palaces he invites her to, they are all somewhat connected to his brother, hence that could be his way to bring back her lost memory.


Also in this episode, we saw Jang Yoon showing jealousy when he saw that Maestro Nam and Yi Young were eating at the restaurant he worked. He immediately tried to trash their date by bringing up details about him and Yi Young calling each other at nights.

And again it makes us question if he truly likes her or if he is trying to avenge his brother’s death. He somewhat seems confused at times as it appears he is slowly falling for Yi Young.

The Kiss

The kiss that happened in this episode was one of the highlights, it was certainly unexpected. We can definitely see where Yi Young is starting to acknowledge her feelings for Jang Yoon and it appears he is starting to do the same. What made this scene so delightful was how the kiss was initiated. Yi Young was very bold when she asked Jang Yoon if she could kiss him, at first it seemed like he hesitated but went in after a bit.

As I said before, even though Jang Yoon has an ulterior motive towards Yi Young, he seems to be warming up to her and that kiss just made it official.

The Biggest Cliffhanger

Another highlight of this episode was finding out that Maestro Nam
was at the scene of the car accident where Kim Ian was killed. In the flashback, he was seen standing over him. This writer’s intentionally left us with this cliff hanger to make us believe that Maestro Nam could be the killer. Based on what we’ve learned so far, Kim Ian was very talented, an assumption could be that he out-shined Maestro Nam and that’s why he got rid of him.
Another theory is that Maestro Nam arrived at the scene late and was left in a state of sorrow as if he had been quicker, he could have saved Kim Ian. What do you guys think? I strongly believe it may be the latter.

The preview looks very interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about what happened in that mysterious accident and who is actually responsible for the death of Kim Ian. To see the recap of episode 5-6, click here.

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