Ji Chang Wook denies Having Any Connection to Seungri’ s Ongoing Scandal

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Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook

Earlier today, via SbS Investigative program Ji Chang-wook’s name arose along with a prominent investor of Burning Sun, Madam Lin.
Ji Chang Wook was shown in a photo with Madam Lin, the woman who is suspected to be involved in the Burning Sun scandal. Since then netizens have suspected the actor of being a possible suspect in the ongoing scandal.

His agency, Glorious Entertainment has released a statement strongly rejecting false claims made against him.

Hello, this is Glorious Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that our actor has nothing to do with the picture released on a broadcast on March 23. He simply responded to her saying she was a fan, and agreed to a picture.

This situation is leading to false and malicious rumors being spread, and sexual harassment towards our company’s actor. This is causing serious damage to his reputation.

This is causing harm and pain to not only Ji Chang Wook, but also his family and fans.

We ask that you refrain from writing, posting, and spreading speculative rumors regarding this matter.

We will do our best to protect our actor through materials reported both before and after this incident. as well as using our own internal monitoring.

Finally, we would like to thank his fans for always cheering him on, and always sending him love.

— Glorious Entertainment

SBS has also responded to using Ji Chang Wook’s picture with “Madam Lin”.

The reason Ji Chang Wook’s face was not blurred out on yesterday’s (March 23) broadcast was because it was used as a device to explain who Madam Lin was. This was not to say he is connected to ‘Burning Sun’.


In fact, we used pictures including public figures to show Madam Lin’s connections and friendships with people in the entertainment industry,and reflected this on the show. A picture of Ronaldo was also included on the broadcast, not just Ji Chang Wook. Both of the pictures were used for context. It was not intended for the pictures to show their connection to the Burning Sun scandal.

However, in the photographs of Ronaldo with Madam Lin, their faceswere blurred out. In the case of JiChang Wook, it was not blurred out,which was a mistake from theproduction team. Since the pictureincluding Ronaldo already mentioned his name as a caption, we did not have to blur his face out, but it was blurred by mistake.

It was not our intention to reveal Ji Chang Wook’s face. To explain again,we did not intend to use the photo to reveal Ji Chang Wook was connected with the Burning Sun scandal. We used it to explain how Madam Lin was close to members of the Korean entertainment industry.


His loyal fan base community are grateful that the rumors have been cleared up.