Ji Chang Wook In Talks For New Romantic Comedy

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Ji Chang Wook has returned from the military and will be making a comeback soon as he has been reviewing offers.

On April 23, a source from the drama industry stated, “Ji Chang Wook is making a comeback with tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama Please Melt Me.

His agency Glorious Entertainment has responded that the actor received an offer for the drama and is currently reviewing.

Please Melt Me is a romantic comedy that will tell the story of a man and a woman who participated in a project to be frozen for 24 hours, only to be waken up 20 years later due to a mysterious scheme.

The role Ji Chang Wook was offered was the character Ma Dong Chan. Ma Dong Chan was a producing director of variety shows who became frozen for 20 years. He is cold and logical about work, but when it comes to love, he is more passionate than anyone around him. With his perfect physique and handsome face, he is still oppa

 to many women even after 20 years.

Ji Chang Wook is also in talks for upcoming drama City of Stars which is a space drama that is about the events that take place after two men, who have always longed for the sky, end up being selected to be part of an astronaut training project.

The drama is scheduled to premiere in September this year.