JTBC Latest Korean Dramas

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JTBC Latest Korean Dramas
JTBC Latest Korean Dramas

JTBC Latest Korean Dramas. Here is a list of some of the JTBC New Korean Dramas released recently. As you know JTBC is one of the top networks in the South Koreans Entertainment sector. Here is the list of dramas below.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome To Waikiki 2
Welcome To Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is a dramedy about the youthful love and passion of the inhabitants of the Waikiki Guest House.  Jun-ki’s “evil influence” on his college classmates continues, this time towards his high school classmates.  The crazy plan on the verge of bankrupting the Waikiki Guest House is still on track and antics ensue.

 Woo-sik, who used to be a member of a not-sofamous boy-band, falls into Jun-ki’s spell and invests every penny he has into the guest house.  Ki-bong, another victim of Jun-ki’s sweet talking, used to be a famous baseball player but now he only warms the bench.


He makes the wrong decision of investing in Waikiki and now he is about to go broke.  Sooyeon is the first love of all the Waikiki partners but finds herself moving into Waikiki after tragically being stood up at the altar.  Jeong-eun has done every part-time job out there and is a classmate of Jun-ki’s film school.  Yuri is Woosik’s older sister who becomes the “Queen of Waikiki”, as she bends Woo-sik, Jun-ki, and Ki-bong to her will.

Legal High

Clean with Passion for Now


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