Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young alleged Enticed Victims with Promise to become a celebrity.

Jung Joon Young victims have started to testify and they have disclosed more information about his hidden camera scandal.

According to reports from “MNB”,

Jung Joon Young had told his victims that he will “make them into celebrities” on condition that they “go to bed” with him. The comment reveals the suspect’s attempts to either threat or mislead non-celebrities to his subjugation, which had become forms of victimizing women for hidden camera sex tape recordings and circulation.

The victims will continue to remain anonymous Seoul Sexuality Education & Counseling Center for Youth has issued a warning to all netizens to refrain from ‘guessing’ these identities.

As the story unfolds it’s clearly showing how dark the inner workings of the Kpop and Korean Entertainment industry can be. I can only imagine how many young girls are preyed upon every day by older men in power. 

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