Police are Allegedly Seeking Arrest Warrant for Jung Joon Young in Sex Video Scandal.

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Jung joon young arrested
Jung joon young arrested

According to many news sources, the South Korean Police on March 18 seek an arrest warrant for Kpop star Jung Joon Young sex video scandal. This sex scandal has rock the nation of South Korea and has implicated many more celebrities.

Last week Jung Joon Young announced his retirement, apologized and confessed to filming himself having sex with his victims. 

The videos of at least 10 women were shared through mobile chatrooms in 2015 with recipients including fellow K-pop star Seungri of BIGBANG. Police are also seeking an arrest warrant for another male – a nightclub employee who was part of the chatroom with Jung – for sharing sex videos.


According to CNA LIFESTYLE:

South Korea has been battling a growing epidemic of so-called “molka”, or spycam videos – mostly of women, secretly filmed by men in schools, toilets and offices.

“Revenge porn” – videos taken of sexual relations without the partner’s consent – is believed to be equally widespread.

Thousands of women protested in Seoul last year on several occasions against the videos as part of the country’s growing #MeToo movement.

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