Jung Joon Young scandal

Jung Joon Young Mastermind Behind Seungri Scandal!?Illegal Hidden Camera Footage!!

Jung Joon Young scandal
Jung Joon Young

This story/scandal is getting bigger and bigger and involving more people each time it’s reported. This is shaping up to be the type of story to rock the entire Korean Entertainment Industry involving multiple people.

According to Reports Jung Joon Young illegally recorded compromising videos of more than ten individuals with on hidden camera. One of which was a trainee.


According to Soompi:

   Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms were divided into two groups: one group formed for business purposes with mutual acquaintances of Seungri, and another with his own friends who are not close to Seungri. Singer “C” was part of the former group, while singer “L” was part of the latter group. One of the victims of their hidden cameras is a trainee.

Mr. K, who was previously revealed to be Seungri’s business partner, cooperated with Jung Joon Young the most often, and the two men filmed and shared approximately 10 hidden cameras across 10 months.


This scandal seems like it will implicate more people in the entertainment fraternity in Korea. To stay update just follow Drama Obsess.

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          • I feel really sorry for them as well. Base on my research I realize this is a common practice in Korea. Young girls are targeted and exploited. Especially those young and want to make it in the entertainment industry. I am gonna write an expose on it once I finish gathering my evidence and research. There was an actress who even committed suicide due to exploitation by her agency.

          • yea the whole Korea media project this clean conservative image. In their movies and interviews.

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