Jung Joon Young’s Restaurant Launch Failed In Light Of Recent Scandal

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In light of the recent chatroom sex scandal, things haven’t been looking so well for the accusers. Jung Joon who was supposed to launch his restaurant this week in France failed to do so because of the ongoing scandal he’s leading in.

In November 2018, the k-pop idol made a public statement that after 3 years of planning he would be opening his restaurant Maison de Corée meaning “Korean House” in Paris, France.

Persons he had collaborated with to launch his restaurant noted that there had been a 2-week pop-up event that was kept. It is even said that professional chefs visited France and participated in the event.

Before the ongoing scandal was blown up everyone was excited for this launch in France and was even elevated as the pop star was expected to be working with Michelin (rated as number one-star Korean chef); however, after the scandal became breaking news in South Korean his plans had fallen through.


At the time, the reaction in France was not bad and it became an issue in Korea as well so Jung Joon Young was preparing for an official launch but with the scandal of Jung Joon Young, who owns 50% of the business, the project has been foundered. The participating chefs worked hand in glove due to their common interests in cooking and the restaurant industry, but they all returned to Korea after the 2-week event and haven’t been in contact since.

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In regards to the ongoing scandal, it was reported by Joon Young’s lawyer that the singer could face up to 7 and a have years in prison for illegal recording and distribution of sex tapes.

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