K-Beauty Tips- Perfect Korean Skin

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Hey guys, welcome back to our blog, the drama obsessed team has added a new section to the website called K-Beauty Tips (Korean beauty tips).

Have you ever watched a Korean drama, or seen a Kpop celebrity and notice that they have absolutely great skin?, Have you ever wondered what products they are using or what skin care practice they take part in?. Yes, I definitely have.

Whenever I do, I always say to myself, “It’s probably plastic surgery’. However recently I have realized that there are also a great number of celebrities who have great skin and they haven’t done any form of surgery.


Seeing that the Korean wave has grown tremendously, I thought why not update these loyal fans of some of the incredible skin care regimen that Koreans use on a whole.

This section of our website will aim at providing Korean beauty essentials.

Steps We Plan To Take With K-Beauty Tips:

  • We’ll make it our duty to update you all on a weekly basis
  • We’ll be making recommendations of beauty hacks you can follow up on.
  • We’ll also focus on reviewing Korean celebrity beauty regimens.

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.