Kim Ji Hyang’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against False Rumors In Current Scandal

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The 26-year-old actress and model has been caught up in the ongoing controversy and Dmost Entertainment, her talent agency has made public that they will be taking legal actions against False rumors.

The scandal started when it was reported that Jung Joon Young had illegally recorded compromising videos of several individuals on a hidden camera.

Kim Ji Hyang (Instagram) is said to be one of the female celebrities to be named as an alleged victim. Actresses Oh Cho Hee , Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Yu MI, have also been mentioned and have denied any connection related to the controversy.

This was the statement that Dmost Entertainment issued dated March 13, 2019.

Hello, this is Dmost Entertainment.

We are here to issue an official statement regarding the malicious rumors that have been spreading online about actress Kim Ji Hyang.

The information about [Kim Ji Hyang], which is spreading through online messenger applications and social media, are false, malicious rumors.

Although Kim Ji Hyang previously filmed a music video with Jung Joon Young in 2016, we have confirmed that she has never met with him privately afterwards.

In the case that the acts of spreading false information regarding [Kim Ji Hyang] and defaming [Kim Ji Hyang’s] honor and character continue, we will be taking strong civil and criminal legal action without any negotiation or leniency.

Thank you.

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