Kim Tae Hee back on Instagram for Upcoming Drama

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Kim Tae Hee back on Instagram
Kim Tae Hee back on Instagram

Kim Tae Hee back on Instagram to celebrate her upcoming drama. The Top actress has been away from instagram for quite sometime after she deleted her previous instagram account. Now that she is scheduled to star in a new upcoming kdrama she is back on the gram under the name “@kimtaehee99”. 

Make sure to go check out out her instagram account and follow Kim Tae Hee. Below is here first picture posted on her new instagram account.


Her first post was one of her on set near a food bar that her friend sent her. The post she put up was captioned as “Filming on set today, and Hanee sent me a delicious food truck~~ I was able to overcome the cold and sleepiness to regain my strength to finish filming well haha Thank you so much~~^^!!”

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