Kim Woobin and Jun Jihyun In Talks to Take Lead Role in Upcoming Film

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It was recently reported that Korean actor and actress Kim Woobin and Jun Jihyun will be the lead actors in an upcoming film.

On July 4th, director Choi Donghoon responded to rumors by saying that “We are still working in the scenario, so we have multiple candidates for the roles. There’s nothing has been confirmed as for now.”

He continued, “Even though we are considering to produce the first and second part of the film at the same time, we have not finished the scenario. We plan to start filming the movie at the end of this year or early next year.”


Choi Dong-hoon will be the film director and screenwriter. He ranks as one of the most consistently successful directors working in contemporary Korean cinema. He is well known for his hit films ‘The Big Swindle,’ ‘Tazza,’ ‘The Thieves,’ ‘Assassination,’ and more.

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