KISS OF LIFE’s Julie Apologizes for Using the N-Word in Old Video

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KISS OF LIFE member Julie has apologized for a video that resurfaced of her singing the lyrics to B.o.B’s “Strange Clouds.” The video, which was filmed several years ago, shows Julie rapping the song’s original lyrics, which include the N-word.

In a statement posted to KISS OF LIFE’s Twitter account on July 23 KST, Julie said that she was “deeply sorry” for her actions and that she “never meant to offend anyone.” She added that she has “learned from her mistake” and that she “will never use that word again.”


Julie’s apology was met with mixed reactions online. Some people praised her for taking responsibility for her actions, while others felt that her apology was not enough.

Regardless of the reaction, Julie’s apology is a step in the right direction. It shows that she is aware of the harm that the N-word can cause and that she is committed to learning from her mistake.

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Categorized as KPOP, NEWS