Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap

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Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap
Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap

Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap

Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap. The newly released Korean drama Perfume with leads Shin Sung Rok and Go Won Hee, has begun to receive high ratings among other recently released dramas.

Perfume tells the story of the mentally deranged yet brilliant fashion designer Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok) who has fallen into a creative slump and the mysterious model Min Ye Rin (Go Won Hee) who comes back from hell. Please note that these recaps may contain spoilers. 

Honest Opinion:

So at first, I was a bit hesitant to watch this drama because the plot didn’t really grab me. I gave this drama a chance because of the male lead Shin Sung Rok- I wanted to see him playing a non-villain role, seeing that he’s always being cast as the evil character. I’m hoping my perspective will change as the drama progresses. 

Here are the highlights for Episodes 1 and 2:

Perfume Episodes 1&2 Recap

Overweight, Unhappy Wife, Attempting Suicide: 


So the drama started off a bit tragic with an unhappy wife in an unhappy marriage trying to commit suicide. Min Ye Rin was a middle age woman that had lost all her self confidence due to her weight gain. She despised her life greatly and attempted suicide more than once.

It’s kinda funny the way she had planned to die, I must say it was very detailed and creative. She must have hated her life.

While in the process of attempting suicide Ye Rin received a miraculous perfume in the mail which allowed her to return to her original figure as a young person. 

I can definitely, understand why she was so unhappy, she gave up her dream of modeling to start a family and later became overweight and to make matters worse her husband who she loved dearly was having an affair.  The criticisms she received from her family members and others made life hard. 

The message she received from the suspicious mailman that delivered the package was “As long as you’re alive, miracles may come to you. That is life.”

This is a message that can be applied to anyone that’s’ struggling in life. 

Min Ye Rin / Min Jae Hee Gets A One-day Modeling Gig At Seo Yi Do Fashion Show:

This was a big moment for Ye Rin. Coming from a point in having no self-confidence and was very insecure it was a bit hard for her to accept her new found look. Once she finally did, she overcame most of her fears that resided in her mind.  On the runway, she felt like herself again. 

However doing her second runway walk she fainted, which made Seo Yi Do, very mad. 

Seo Yi Do Hires Ye Rin As A Cleaner


Shin Sung Rok character (Seo Yi Do ) is quite amusing, at times his humor comes off as dark but what do you expect from someone that have 52 phobias and 35 allergies.


So Ye Rin manipulated Seo Yi Do into hiring her by attempting to drown herself while going live. Yi Do finally succumbed to her plan and he took Min Ye Rin to his house, which he had been left empty for a year, and threatened to fire her if she didn’t finish cleaning up the entire house before he came back from work. Min Ye Rin successfully and skillfully cleaned the place up and passed the suspicious internship.

This showed Yi-Do the value in Ye Rin, she was a great help and later he found out she was a great cook that met all his requirements. 

This allowed her to earn her stay at his house, even though it’s temporary as Yi-Do says, Ye Rin tries her best to satisfy him.

At the final scene in episode 1, she was almost caught by Yi-Do in her overweight state but luckily she sniffed the perfume and came right down in time.  

Ye Rin Kissed Yi- Do

In Episode 2, Yi Rin spotted her husband at the supermarket with his mistress and freaked out. In her startled state, she ran to Yi-Do and planted her lips on his. This scene was quite hilarious because Yi-Do cried out ‘Rapist!’ and drew everyone’s attention in the supermarket lol.

In episode 2, it’s evident where Yi-Do is warming up to Ye Rin, you can tell that he was a bit affected by that unexpected kiss he received. I believe it is this kiss that will allow him to see her in a different light. I’m hoping Yi-Do will find out soon about her appearance so that he can accept her fully. 

In episode 2, also we see that Ye Rin has figured out a way to use the perfume so that she doesn’t change unexpectedly like previous times.   She later found out that she has a 12-hour use on the perfume, once the 12 hour passes she reverts to her original self


We also see where Ye Rin has made the attempt to restart modeling again. In the final scene in episode 2, she stumbled upon her daughter at the audition, which really surprised her. Can’t wait to see how that plays out. 

Overall, the episodes were okay, and I am looking forward to the next episodes. I’m really excited to see how both Ye Rin and Yi-Do will grow characterwise and how their relationship will develop.

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