Lee Min Ho And His Fan Club Make Generous Donation To Children In Need

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Lee Min-ho and his fan club are commended once again for the good deeds they have done.


According to Soompi, the actor’s donation platform PROMIZ has donated profits from the sale of products made of grain from Jinan, North Jeolla Province to Jinan’s children centers.

The project sells products made up of specialty produce from various provinces and returns the profits to those provinces. All of the gift sets for “Sharing PROMIZ’s Sincerity with Jinan’s Children” were completely sold out.

The profits went to 337 children at 12 children centers in Jinan, where it was used for an event for the children to write down their dreams. Additionally, 55 of the children were gifted presents for Children’s Day. In commemoration of the fan club’s 10-year anniversary, they donated 1.5 tons (approximately 3,000 pounds) of rice and 300 kilograms (approximately 660 pounds) of kimchi

 for the children’s food.

From its founding in March of 2013, PROMIZ has continuously come up with various ways to contribute to social welfare through the themes of fun and donation.

The platform has also gained traction abroad as well, actively helping others become aware of social issues through social media. It was awarded the Kind Brand Grand Prize for the third year in a row last May.

Thank you to Lee Min-ho and his fan club for such a meaningful donation!

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