Lee Min Ho Supports His Friend Jung Il Woo On The Set Of “Haechi”

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The beloved South Korean actor once again woos the hearts of his fans.

Today on Instagram  Jung Il posted pictures of a food truck on the set of the 2019 Korean drama, Haechi. To fans surprise the truck was sent by his dear buddy Lee Min Ho.

In the caption, Jung Il wrote:

 “My Min Ho, thank you so much.”

As you can see in the photo,  Jung Il Woo is standing in front of the food truck and is making a heart with his fingers.


lee min.PNG

One of the photos uploaded to Instagram features Lee Min-ho saying:

Hwaiting to the production team and actors of ‘Haechi’! Please take care of my Il Woo.”

During an episode of My Ugly Duckling, the Haechi lead had dished out some details about his friendship with Lee Min-ho.

“Lee Min Ho is my closest friend and we’ve been friends since our school days,” he said. “But we’re complete opposites. The only thing that we have in common is our taste in food. Eventually we came to respect each other’s differences. We would put up with things we didn’t like if the other person liked it and vice versa.”


He even went on to say that,

“The thing we have most in common is that we don’t really drink. He doesn’t drink at all and I only started drinking recently as well. When we meet up, we have coffee and go to cafés. Nowadays, I do drink a couple glasses.”

You can watch the 2019 Korean drama Haechi by clicking the link.