Lee Min Ki Offered Lead Role For Upcoming Kdrama “Everyone’s Lies”

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Lee Min Ki who is popularly known for hit Korean dramas such as Love Truly, This Is My First Life and The Beauty Inside has been offered yet another lead role in the upcoming 2019 Korean drama Everyone’s Lies.

Since week, Good Management has stated that Lee Min Ki is reviewing the offer for OCN’s ‘Everyone’s Lies (working title).

‘Everyone’s Lies’ tells the story of a woman turning into a politician to save her husband, who disappeared after a father’s sudden death, and a detective who chases the truth.


He is offered to play detective Jo Tae Shik of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Lee Yoon Jung who directed the popular Korean dramas Cheese In the Trap and Argon will be lead director for the upcoming drama Everyone’s Lies.

‘Everyone’s Lies’ is set to be aired in the second half of 2019.