Legal High is Drama Obsess most enjoyable Korean Drama of 2019

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Legal High Kdrama
Legal High Kdrama

Legal high is probably one of the best currently airing Korean Dramas right now. While it’s not as popular as say touch your heart, I do think its better.

It’s a legal and comedy-drama. Centers around the main Character Mr. Go nicknamed Monster Pervert for his love money and seemingly immoral ways. However, as the drama progress, it starts to peel back layers of Monster Pervert to show he really isn’t a greedy good for nothing lawyer.

So one of the main points if this drama is not to judge a book by its cover. Try to look deeper and see the hidden gems.

The comedy is top notch. It’s not forced, rather very organic. This was achievable because of the casts that did a phenomenal job.

The story was welled paced and fleshed out not leaving any plot holes are unanswered questions.

Overall this was just a very enjoyable drama that I can recommend with confidence to any kdrama fan.

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Legal High Kdrama Legal High Kdrama