LOONA Thoughts On 1st Music Show Win and More

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Loona First Music Show Win
Loona First Music Show Win

Loona First Music Show Win

Loona First Music Show Win. The Kpop girl group shared in an interview following their win, Kim Lip said, “First of all, I would like to really thank Orbit (fandom name). It’s unfortunate that we won first place without HaSeul (who halted activities due to health reasons). I hope we can cry tears of joy together the next time we win first place. The moment we won first place and cried, I think all the members felt the same way. In particular, I would like to thank HeeJin, who was the first one to start promoting. We will maintain our beginner’s mind and become the group LOONA that you can be proud of.”

Olivia Hye added, “I couldn’t believe I was being congratulated at a place where I had only congratulated others. I thought that the message of our album was delivered well. I sincerely thank everyone who helped us win the award.”

At the mention that some members shed tears after receiving the trophy, YeoJin commented, “When I found out that we were a candidate for first place, I became emotional because I thought of the memories from our debut stage until now. When our name was called for first place, I felt so happy that we finally made it that I couldn’t stop crying.”

Yves said, “I was surprised to hear that we were nominated for first place because I didn’t think it was our time to win first place on a music show yet. I was so shocked when they announced the winner that I was in a daze for a while. I held back my tears to express my gratitude to many people, but as soon as I finished, my tears burst out.”

When asked about the impact of this win on their future activities and direction, Choerry shared, “It was the first music show trophy we received since our debut. We worked together for a long time, so I think we will become stronger. I believe we should work hard with greater desire to reach a higher place. Winning first place seems to have a big impact on my mindset.”

JinSoul added, “Our first win is a very precious gift to us. It has given us hope that we can go higher in the future. We want to show you how we’re going to grow even more starting with our first place win. We will try harder to make sure that this is not our first and last win.”

LOONA was also asked about the driving force behind their title song “So What” achieving No. 1, and HeeJin replied, “I think it’s all thanks to the fans who supported us until the end. Unfortunately, for our promotions this time, our fans couldn’t be with us, and even though the promotion period was not short, they continued to trust, support, and love us, so I think that strengthened us until the end.” Music shows are being conducted without an audience due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Olivia Hye shared, “I think one of the driving forces is that each member’s different charms were expressed well on stage.” YeoJin added, “I think the fact that we go to the company every day and practice together is what continues to upgrade our performances. The members and I know how important the word ‘effort’ is. We will continue to work hard to show better performances.”

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Lastly, each of the members shared their goals for the year 2020. Heejin said, “Thanks to Orbit, I think we were able to wrap up our ‘So What’ activities well. With this win, we will look back on the path that LOONA has taken and show you more growth, so I hope we can be happy together in the future as well.”

HyunJin commented, “My goal in the future is to meet fans with more growth and development. I will try to deliver a better message from our worldview.” YeoJin promised to work non-stop to reach the top, and ViVi hoped to let more people know about LOONA.

Kim Lip said, “Our first win seems to be too empty for many reasons. Orbit wasn’t able to directly see us, and HaSeul wasn’t here either. Next time, I want to win the trophy while smiling together with our beloved Orbit. Also, I want to see better results on music charts than this time.”

JinSoul shared that she wants to go on a world tour so she can showcase more performances and see foreign fans up close. Choerry mentioned that it was important for the members to be healthy this year and said that her goal is to greet fans in various fields, such as a world tour and variety shows.

Yves stated, “My personal goal is to get rid of [unnecessary] thoughts, and my team goal is to use this win to create better records in a healthy way.”

Chuu said, “I want to concentrate on our new album activities in the future so that we can continue our energetic streak following our ‘So What’ activities, which will lead to good results. With that, I want to make sure the public know that LOONA is a group that has good songs.”

GoWon shared, “Next time, I want to win first place again after growing more and enjoy an encore stage with Orbit,” and Olivia Hye added, “My goal is to meet more fans in a bigger place.”

Congratulations again to LOONA!

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