Love Is In The Air Episode 11 of Hotel Del Luna

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 11
Hotel Del Luna Episode 11

Love Is In The Air In Episode 11 of Hotel Del Luna

Love Is In The Air In Episode 11 of Hotel Del Luna. Since it’s premiere Hotel Del Luna has grown and developed greatly each week with the weird combination of horror, romance, and comedy. The witty dialogue among Jang Man Wol (IU) and Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) has continued to delight us each week. With last week’s episode ending with Man-wol confessing her overwhelming feelings to Chan-sung and making the decision to love him, viewers are left prying if these two will have a happy ending.

In the last episode, we saw where she pleaded with him to stay by her side although her future actions may end up destroying him. Chan-sung who is ready to protect Man-wol at all means doesn’t seem to care about misfortunes to come.

According to the preview for this week’s upcoming episode, the staff of Hotel Del Luna is terrified because the tree in the garden has started to bloom voluminously, which signifies that Man-wol has fallen in love with Chan-sung.

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The blooming of the tree also suggests that Man-wol’s time will soon come to go to the afterlife. This leads to the assumption that the two will have a painful ending. Chan-sung not being able to see the one he has fallen for will surely suffer a great deal. Also, the blooming of the tree implies that Hotel Del Luna will be no more since Man-wol would have paid for her past sins.

I admire the fact even though these two are aware of the unfortunate possibilities that wait ahead, they have still decided to pursue their love and live in the moment.

What are your predictions of how the drama will end?

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