Why I love Park Seo Joon In New Kdrama “Itaewon Class”

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love Park Saie Ro Yi in Itaewon Class
love Park Saie Ro Yi in Itaewon Class

Why I Love Park Sae Ro Yi In Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a new kdrama staring Park Seo Joon, who is doing an excellent job in portraying his character Park Sae Ro Yi.

In Itaewon Class, the writers reveal to us the sad case of bullying that is sadly apart of the Korean society.  It sheds light on the life of people who are deemed sociopaths, the life of a transgender, the life of ex-convicts and of course the oppression of the weak and poor by those who are deemed rich and powerful.

By bringing to the forefront several sensitive topics, many have considered this drama a game changer.  It somewhat reminds me of My Mister, which showcased  the uncensored life of a lonely betrayed man who was greatly impacted by a young struggling girl.  “Itaewon Class” proves to us that sometimes all you need is the right person to pull you up out of a sea of darkness and hopelessness.  Park Sae Ro Yi is that hope that gives strength to the people around him.

In this article I would like to explain why I love Park Sae Ro Yi.

Park Sae Ro Yi Unbending Principles:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama like Itaewon Class, which makes it so refreshing to watch. Not only is the story pretty amazing but the acting is just mesmerizing. 

I am so used to Korean dramas where the victims or the underdogs have to suffer for 16 long episodes before they avenge the villain.  Due to its fast pace, we are able to admire Park Sae Ro Yi’s character and his strength in rising above the odds that have been set in place to deter him.

After losing the person who meant the world to him, he went through a point of hopelessness and almost gave up on life, however after being reminded of how his father was betrayed by those he committed his life to, he wanted to live for him and avenge his wrongful death.  


Because he is so unbending and doesn’t break his principles, Park Sae Ro Yi’s is admirable and is like a breath of fresh air.  Being a high school dropout and an ex-con doesn’t hinder him from going after his dream and taking revenge on those that has wronged him.

Park Sae Ro Yi’s Determination:

His determination has inspired the people around him and he is seen as a source of strength to make them want to be their best selves.

Though at times he appears foolish and absurd, he always tends to leave an impact on people’s lives. He is a man of integrity and doesn’t believe in injustice or discriminating the weak. His positive outlook on life allows him to always see the bigger picture.



       What Has Park Sae Ro Yi Taught Me?

Park Sae Ro Yi has taught me that despite being at a disadvantage, everyone deserves a chance. So even though society disapproves of you being unique or has classified you as a failure, there is hope!  There is a place for you and there is love to be given to you.  So don’t give up.

Have you started watching this amazing drama?