Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Review 2019

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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Review
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Review

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Review

If you watched When A Snail Falls In Love and fell in love like me then you HAVE to watch Medical Examiner Dr. Qin – 法医秦明 (法醫秦明). 

This show has me hooked and I know 20 episodes isn’t nearly enough screen time for these characters and their relationships. 

It sticks along the same lines of the When A Snail Falls In Love by this I by no means, mean to say that they are just a copy of one another but rather that you have the crime + medical sort of story going on (both of which are not simply mentioned in passing to create context but rather are developed and used in a practical manner). 

The leads are both strong characters with distinct personalities that more or less are complete opposites of one another. Although the show clearly will develop a relationship between the polar opposite leads; it is not what runs the show and the story + each character is just as strong and lovable regardless of the relationship between the leads. 


More so I think this show may succeed where When A Snail Falls In Love lets us down— Having the smart, withdrawn character fall in love with the outgoing one first!  I don’t know if that is how the show will develop but based on what I have seen that could possibly happen (which was supposed to happen in WASFIL but didn’t…). 

Needless to say please, Please, PLEASE! Give the show a chance! Cause I’m loving it and need to see more talk about it. Plus I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by watching. Also, I will be writing more reviews and recommendations for other shows like this. So if you like Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Review then be sure to check back here.

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