Melting Me Softly Episode 3 Recap

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Melting Me Softly Episode 3 Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 3 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 3 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 3 Recap. In an attempt to adjust to their shocking new world Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran make an effort to catch up on lost time.

Adjusting to the New World

Episode 2 ended with Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran finally seeing their families after waking up from the experiment. In the mind, it has just been a day, but to everyone else it has been 20 years. While their family members are glad to see them, they are also shocked and dumbfounded by their youthful appearance after so many years.

This episode started with both Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran trying to fit in and adjust to their new fast pacing world. Still amazed that they are now in the year 2019, the two have somewhat had a difficult time adjusting. Seeing the latest technology and the various high rising buildings have shocked these two with a dose of modernity.

Ma Dong- Chan’s New World

Waking up at the hospital and being met with his new reality, Chan-Dong was left overwhelmed and shocked. Realizing that the hopeful experiment he participated in years ago resulted in him freezing for 20 years and not 24 hours has left him in dismay.

Also, being met with the presence of his family Chan-Dong was left overwhelmed as he was unable, at first, to recognize who these persons standing in front of him were. Their appearance had changed completely.
After going home he was also saddened that his father died while he was asleep and that his family was struggling financially.
In his eyes, just 24 hours had passed so this big change was quite terrifying.

Furthermore, returning and realizing that his fiance does not only look different but seems to have changed made him confused. He understands that she has grown cold over the years and has to constantly remind himself that in his world it was 24 hours ago but to the people around him it has been 20 years. Based on what happened 20 years ago, she is however ridden with guilt that she helped cover up his disappearance and accepted the promotion as a way of keeping silent.


His assistant SHyun Gi tries to bring Dong-Chan up to speed with his new world while also suffering from the guilt that he covered up details about the experiment years ago. Dong-Chan is hell-bent on finishing what he started years ago but is unaware that what happened to the professor.

There were some hilarious scenes in this episode as Dong-Chan often gets confused by his brother. Being the spitting image of his father, Dong-chan has to constantly remind himself that the man who looks like his late father is actually his brother.

Also, he keeps on calling his younger sister Maam because she looks like a much older lady LOL!

Go Mi Ran Reunited With Her Family

Mi Ran was also shocked by her sudden new world. Trying to absorb and adjust to everything was too much for her. A very touching scene was when Mi-Ran finally reunited with her brother and her family. Her brother waited for her all these years and was overjoyed when he saw her. Though he had a tough time being without his big sis to comfort him through his time of hardship, I believe her absence somewhat helped him to be independent and helped him face his fears.

I must say even after being asleep for 20 years she was so concerned about the well being of her family. The money she left behind that she got from the experiment was able to help her family start a business and allowed them to live comfortably.

Mi Ran who was pleased to see her family was living comfortably and that they didn’t forget about her after 20 long years made her determined to resume her life, in hopes she can catch up on the life she lost.

The Recap of episode 4 will be posted soon.

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