Melting Me Softly Episode 4 Recap

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Melting Me Softly Episode 4 Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 4 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 4 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 4 Recap. This episode focused on Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran trying to overcome the challenges of adjusting to the new world. To see the recaps of episode 3, click here

Dong-Chan Back to Work

In getting back to his life as a director, Dong-Chan has resumed work at the broadcasting station. While he is happy that he returned to his position as director, there are still many new things he must learn to get up to speed. According to Son Hyun Gi, when he was put to sleep 20 years ago, his ideas and creativity went with him. The newer generation of directors he is now working with are not only talented but are self-sufficient.
Many things have changed, which shows Dong-Chan that he must adjust quickly if he is gonna fit in the fast-paced world he is in.

Go Mi Ran Resumes School

Mi Ran too has tried to continue where she left off. Trying not to be bothered to the new advancements at school she confidently continues her major. She is however often met with questions regarding her identity and what is on her identification. Though her ID says she was born in 1987, she looks like a woman in her twenties.

Also, meeting up with her friends for the first time after 20 years was a great moment but she somewhat felt down after realizing that she is not able to tell them the truth of what happened 20 years ago.

Also in this episode, in trying to adjust to the new world, Go Mi-ran has also had a tough time getting a job, with little work experience to go by with. This has brought her to the broadcasting station where she asked Dong-chan to get her a job there. Although her parents told her that she doesn’t need to work she somewhat feels it necessary to get back on track.


Go Mi-Ran Requests What is Owed to Her

Before she decided to go through with the experiment Mi-ran had made an agreement with the CEO of the broadcasting station regarding her payment for her time in the experiment.

She has later come back to haunt them after deciding that she was owed way more since she was a subject of the experiment for not only 24 hours but 20 years; bear in mind this total would also be affected by the market price over the 20 years.
This scene was certainly hilarious as she had them cornered.

Dong-Chan Finds Out the Truth

In this episode, Dong-Chan did not only find out that the professor was still alive but he learned that his dear friend and assistant Son Hyun Gi did not reveal the truth about his disappearance. He was certainly betrayed by this as it showed him that his life did not matter and that the survival of the company was put first. Dong-Chan has also discovered that the man who tried to kill the Professor may still be out there. With the news being leaked that he came back after 20 years, there are questions arising about whether or not the professor is dead or alive.

To add to this, he has found out that there is a problem with his normal body temperature that remains to 35.5 degrees celsius, since the experiment. He was told that if it should drop below 35.5 degrees celsius then he could be in a critical state. Worried about what might happen to him and Mi-ran he calls her in a worried state begging that she tells him whenever she feels ill.

The pace of the drama has slowed down a bit but I am curious to see what will happen in the next episode..

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