Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap

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Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap. In this episode, Ma Chang-Dong decided to publicize the reason for his disappearance.  Below are the highlights of episode 5. To see the recap of episode 4, click here.

Ma Dong Chan Betrayed

This episode started off with Ma Dong Chan realizing that Na Ha Young, his past fiance was behind the cover up of his disappearance. Not only did he feel betrayed by her but the hope he had in getting back together with her died.
Some might say what she did was justified and that she loved and warned him not to take part in the experiment. However, she failed him when she decided to take the broadcasting station side in covering up the truth. Twenty years ago she advanced to anchor position, the moment she accepted that position she knew it was their way of asking that she keeps quiet.


Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran Family Meets Up+ Professor Hwang Moves In

In discovering that Go Mi Ran ‘s health may be affected, her parents decided to visit Ma Dong Chan’s family in hopes to enlighten them on what was happening.
However, the meeting started off to a rough start, after Dong Chan’s family found out that they hid the fact that Ma Dong Chan was still alive. Both families blamed the other for their contribution in making those 20 years harder than it was supposed to be.
They eventually agreed that the real person responsible for everything was Professor Hwang.


Earlier on in the episode, Dong Chan had made the decision to bring Professor Hwang to his home as he predicted the professor’s life may be in danger. At first, both families were in disapproval of the Professor living with them, but they finally agreed that helping him to regain his memory will be beneficial later on in finding the problem behind Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran abnormal body temperature.

Ma Dong Chan Feelings For Go Mi Ran+ Ma Dong Chan Forced To Keep the Experiment A Secret

In this episode, Ma Dong Chang started to realize his feelings for Go Mi Ran. His ex-fiance betrayal pushed him in recognizing that the person he now has a lot in common with, is Go Mi Ran. By being in a world that has changed so much and being around people he doesn’t recognize, he now feels drawn to Go Mi Ran, someone who is in the same state of mind as him. The preview for the next episode reveals that in acknowledging his feelings he will become protective of her.

Furthermore, throughout this episode, we saw where the broadcasting station tried to buy Chan Dong’s silence to prevent him from sharing the details of his disappearance. However, in the end, he made the brave decision to enlighten the public of his participation and survival in the cryonics experiment.

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