Melting Me Softly Episode 6 Recap

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Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap
Melting Me Softly Episode 5 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 6 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 6 Recap. By balancing the comical aspect while bringing across the story, the writers gave us another worthwhile episode of Melting Me Softly. Below are the highlights of episode 6. To see the recaps of episode 5, click here.

The Public Responds To Ma Dong Chan’s Confession

Since Dong Chan’s confession of being a subject in the cryonic experiment 20 years ago, he has received positive feedback from people inside and outside of South Korea. Though people stare strangely at him and questions his true age, it doesn’t really bother him.

By stating that there was a defect with the experiment, he has received help from the U.S. to get substances that help with maintaining his body temperature.

Furthermore in an attempt to protect Go Mi Ran he intentionally left out that there was another subject involved. Throughout this episode it became clear how much he has become concerned for her health and overall well being.

His family has also used his current success to their advantage to maximize profits at the restaurant.

Compared to the first episodes Dong Chan appears more relaxed. He has become more comfortable and appreciative of his ‘new’ family. Seeing how much they sacrificed for him while he was frozen, showed him that they loved him

Ma Dong Chan Fixed on Protecting Go Mi Ran+ Go Mi Ran’s Strange Ex Boyfriend Makes a Scene 

Since the last episode, It appeared that Dong Chan had started to acknowledge his underlying feelings for Mi Ran. In this episode it was made clear by his constant worry and concern. Hence when he found she was at the police station he reacted strongly.

In this episode, Mi Ran was approached by her ‘crazy’ ex-boyfriend Hwang Byung Shim. From the previous episode he has been haunted with the appearance of Go Mi Ran. Like everyone else he was freaked out at her youthful appearance after 20 years.

From Dong Chan’s confession he later figured that she was involved in the experiment which explains her strange youthful appearance.


With this newfound knowledge he approached Mi Ran and confessed his undying feelings. Mi Ran however reacted violently which caused the two to end up at the police station.

Finding out that Mi Ran was at the police station caused Dong Chan to worry. However after finding out the reason why, he decided to take matters in his hands and confronted Byung Shim. This led to a heated, hilarious brawl.

Side Note: So Byung Shim’s son  is Ji- Hoon and the girl he likes was the girl his father once said to “Lets kiss until we break our teeth”.

Na Ha Young Wants A Second Chance

In the previous episode Dong Chan had confronted Na Ha Young about her involvement in covering up what took place 20 years ago. Disappointed in her actions, he has since been pushing her away. Towards the end of this episode, we see where Na Ha Young wears the ring that Dong Chan had proposed with and have asked him for a another chance in pursuing their love.

At this moment Go Mi Ran walks in. Seeing the closeness between the two made her surprised. In the preview for next week, it shows that she is bothered by the ‘relationship’ between Na Ha Young and Dong Chan.  There is also a kissing scene towards the end between Mi Ran and Dong Chan.

We can take this as a heads up that Dong Chan will refuse Na Ha-Young’s proposal for a second chance.

So far I must commend the writers for keeping the comical aspect intact. It makes the drama enjoyable. However I hope they do not stray away from main story.  With the professor regaining his memory I’m curious to see what will happen in the episodes to come.

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