MY FELLOW CITIZENS! – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Choi Siwon, Kim Min Jung, Lee Yoo Young, Tae In Ho

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About My Fellow Citizens! (국민 여러분!): There are prestigious professions such as doctors, lawyers, and professors. One family, however, thinks con-artist is the best profession if they don’t get caught by the police. Yang Jung Guk is the third-generation con-artist in his family and continues to swindle people out of their money. Due to his profession, he has many enemies and always have to watch out for the police. He has spent his entire life to avoid getting caught by the police, but after his wedding ceremony, his wife reveals to him that she is a detective. Jung Guk’s wife, Mi Young, kept this a secret because of her past relationship got ruined due to her profession. Moreover, Park Hu Ja captures him to avenge her father who got scammed by Jung Guk. Instead of killing him, Hu Ja demands him to become a congressman who will support and ensure the future for moneylenders. While living with a police officer wife, Jung Guk must deceive the country and become a congressman to survive.