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The beginning of this drama was quite hard for me to go through. Partly, because Kang Mi Rae was so insecure about herself, and because I wasn’t able to get on the same level of understanding as her. BUT I didn’t give up and muscled through it (I’m so proud of myself).

After a few days of pondering through this drama after I finished watching it initially, I’ve come to realized that the beginning was so hard for me to get through because it was so real. All of the incidents that were portrayed, they’re straight out of reality. When Kang Mi Rae followed Chan Woo into the room alone, my insides were screaming GET OUT YOU IDIOT! RUN AWAY! But I know that situations like that come too often, and most times no one comes to save them. The bullying, the backstabbing, the sexism, EVERYTHING, is so real. And it happens on a daily basis as well.

Kang Mi Rae…..where do I even begin with her. At first she wanted to make me pull my hair out, jump into the screen, grab her by the shoulders, and tell her to get over it! And at other times, I began to empathize with her and wanted to giver her a hug and tell her everything will be alright. Lim Soo-Hyang was wonderful to watch, and she perfected every single emotion to a T. Whether it was sadness, shocked, happiness, pain, confusion, she did a really great job of capturing you through the screen. I was invested in her, I wanted her to become stronger and confident and just happy. I wanted so much for her.

Cha Eun Woo’s portrayal of Do Kyeong Seok was absolutely amazing. For those who know Cha Eun Woo outside of this role, his personality is a complete 180. Cha Eun Woo is bubbly, smiles a lot, basically a ray of sunshine. Do Kyeong Seok, on the other hand, was stoic, quiet, and collected (the majority of the time, haha). It was amazing to see him bring out this different side of him and slowly break Do Kyeong Seok out of his shell. Those eye smiles at the last few episodes were giving me life! My criticisms are at a bare minimum here, considering this to be Cha Eun Woo’s first lead role; he did a really great job.

Ahhh – the girl I loved to hate. I called it from the beginning that she was a going to be a snake, and I was right (of course). Her character met up to my expectations, she played just the right amount of “bitchiness” and “annoying-ness” along with “pain” and “pity”. While I did hate her for about 95% of the drama, I felt like it was supposed to be that way. I was glad they humanized her at the end and showed as to why she is the way she is. I was also glad that they got her the help she needed and that she was able to overcome her issues. Jo Woo-Ri did a really great job with this character. I loveeeeeeeeed to hate her, and that was her role. Kudos to her!

YOU CANNOT DENY THEIR CHEMISTRY! They played off one another so well and they knew how to grab your attention and reel you in like a helpless fish. I enjoyed that he was so genuine towards her and stepped outside of his comfort zone for her time and time again. Each character brought out the best side in each other, and they complimented each other really well.

When Mi Rae finally mustered up the courage to tell him she liked him, I was screaming for the heavens. It was like FINALLLYYYYYYYY!!! It made me super giddy and happy and just relieved. It seemed like when she was able to confess, all this weight was removed from my shoulders (and I’m sure hers too). It was a huge breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed how awkward there relationship was. It was a cute awkward towards almost too awkward. It was played off really well though since both of them never dated before. There whole conversation of “Now we are dating. What? We are? Well aren’t we? Yes, you’re right.” Hahaha – I enjoyed that so much. I was also glad to see their relationship grow as well (especially with the short amount of time we had left of this drama)

. As their relationship grew, Mi Rae and Kyeong Seok both grew as individuals as well. Mi Rae became more confident and less worried about others, and Kyeong Seok became more sociable towards others. And he began smiling more.

My heart was literally dying when Kyeong Seok wanted to grant Mi Rae’s middle school wish of going on dates and etc. It was the most adorable thing ever and these little things seemed to have helped Mi Rae in a huge way, whether she realized it or not.

The scene where they had to sleep at Mi Rae’s parent’s house because they got stranded, was the turning point in Mi Rae’s character, in my opinion. This is where she truly realized that a person’s physical attribute isn’t everything and it doesn’t give you everything you want in life. 

“How can you still like me when you know what I used to look like? What do you like about me?” 

Who knew that those three words can hit my heart so hard.

When speaking of relationships, we can’t forget about the bromance in this drama. I love their love-hate relationship with one another. Whether they want to admit it or not, they both enjoyed each other’s company. Woo Young was such a team player in this drama. He wanted what he wanted, but when he realized Mi Rae’s true feelings, he wished her luck and happiness instead. That shows a true and grown side of Woo Young that is super appealing to me.

Woo Young’s feelings for Mi Rae definitely helped Kyeong Seok come into realization of his own feelings for Mi Rae. If there was no Woo Young, there’s a possibility that Mi Rae and Kyeong Seok would not have opened up about how they feel for one another.

Final Thoughts:

I will definitely re-watch this drama again. The plot was refreshing, the characters and actors/actresses worked with one another really well, and it was all tied up perfectly at the ending. For me, the ending is the make it or break it, and this ending definitely did justice for this drama. As you get to see that confident Mi Rae and that happy Kyeong Seok that you’ve been yearning for this entire drama.

Next on my list, their kissing scene. It still has me doing flashbacks on it because it was so adorable. At first, I was a little disappointed, but then it evolved into this meaningful and sensual kiss which I began to appreciate. It was this cute and romantic sort of kiss, nothing too heavy and sexual, which was perfect for this drama and that scene.  

I was really happy to see Mi Rae blossom into herself again, that girl that she knew was inside of her but wasn’t able to show the world. I had literal tears in my eyes when I saw her smiling and confident in who she is and who she loved. This was one of the best things that this drama could have given us! *Spoiler* When she preached to Soo Ah about how tired she is of everyone’s judgments on a person’s appearance and how these judgments can affect a person, made me want to stand up and clap for her. She hit the nail right on the head. Girls are being told to lose weight when they’re perfect the way they are, how girls are being told to get their faces fixed to become prettier; being beautiful does not determine happiness, which Mi Rae knew all too well. It was the perfect slap of reality to Soo Ah, Mi Rae, and everyone watching the drama. 

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