New Kdrama Alert: Two New Korean Drama to Watch

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New Kdrama 2019

Two new Korean Drama just arrive on the block for kdrama fans everywhere. If you were running of Kdramas to watch well just restock with brand new kdramas. 

Below are the two new Korean Drama:

Name: The Banker

New Kdrama 2019
New Kdrama 2019

Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Workplace, finance
Episode count: 36 episodes

Reasons to watch: Adapted from a Japanese manga, The Banker centers around corruption and corporate lust for money and power. When a big bank is determined to amass wealth by any means necessary, who can stop them? Kim Sang-joong, the titular banker will be sure to try as he plays an auditor at a big bank who cares more about integrity than profits. Veteran Chae Shi-ra will be one of Kim’s most loyal allies (and I’m going to guess he’ll need the help) as the fierce, charismatic general manager of the bank in question. Those two will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Yoo Dong-geun rounds out the veteran actor trio as the bank’s president. While he’s a role model for the bank’s employees his true motivations are wrapped up in mystery, making him more of a grey character. Our auditor will have a backup as Ahn Woo-yeon, Shin Do-hyun, and Cha In-ha will be part of his auditing team.


Name: Woohoo Waikiki 

New Kdrama 2019
New Kdrama 2019

Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Comedy
Episode count: 16 episodes

Reasons to watchWoohoo Waikiki returns for a second season with only one member of the first season reprising his role. Lee Yi-kyung is back, a little older, but still struggling and still as unlucky as ever. When he ropes in two old friends, Kim Sun-ho and Shin Hyun-soo, to help run the hostel, it seems like things may be looking up–until the trio’s first love, Moon Ga-young, walks back into their lives. When it’s a call between friendship and love, which one will prevail? Ahn So-hee joins the group as Lee Yi-kyung’s one and only friend from college, with Kim Ye-won playing the part of Kim Sun-ho’s little sister. The entire ensemble cast somehow end up living at Waikiki and the drama will follow them as they work to achieve their dreams while figuring out what exactly love and friendship is all about.

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New Kdrama 2019.