Officer Connected To Seungri and Jung Joon Young Scandal Identified 

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In the chatroom controversy,  it was previously discovered that the k pop idols Seungri and Jung Joon may have had personnel from the police department covering for them.

This has proven to be true since it has been reported that a suspect has been identified for the mysterious police officer we’ve been hearing about.

Yesterday (March 14), when Jung Joon Young and Seungri were questioned,  it is said that they identified the “police captain” suspected, to be someone of senior superintendent position.

After this was revealed, the investigators summoned senior superintendent officer “X” as the accused who have been believed to be involved with Seungri and Jung Joon Young. The officer has been interrogated about whether he falsely used his power to assist the Kpop stars.


The Commissioner General of the Korean Police Agency previously confirmed claims based on Police X involvement.  On the March 13, SBS announced that the police officer responsible for Jung Joon Young’s case 3 years ago, had demanded that a digital forensics company discard Young’s cell phone, the potential leader of the investigation.

According to the report noted that the police officer from Seong dong Police Station requested the digital forensics company to write a letter confirming that the data from the cell phone was unable to be brought back.

Once the interrogation is completed, it will be decided by the higher ups the form of corrective action to be taken on Police X.