Oh Seung-Yoon Arrested for drunk driving + agency releases statement

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Oh Seung-Yoon Arrested
Oh Seung-Yoon Arrested

Oh Seung-Yoon Arrested

Oh Seung-Yoon Arrested for drunk driving. On July 11th the Incheon Seobu police arrested Oh Seung-yoon and his girlfriend ‘A’ at a road in Cheongra, Seoul at around 1:00am after drinking at a local bar in the area. At the time of the arrest, the girlfriend who was driving had a blood alcohol level of .101%.

His label T&I Cultures has released a statement regarding the incident and said, “We found out Seung-yoon was involved in aiding and abetting the drunk driving of a female A’ who was in car with him at Seo District, Incheon. As a result, he has been booked without detention on the charges and was questioned at the Incheon Seobu police station.” 


Oh Seung Yoon also released a personal statement and said, “I tried to stop her but it’s completely my fault for eventually not being able to stop her from drunk driving. I’m deeply reflecting and will dutifully participate in police investigation.

Oh Seung-yoon is a famous child actor in Korea who recently appeared in dramas ‘Last Empress’ and ‘Be Melodramatic.’

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