He is Psychometric First Episode

Fans are Loving the First Episode of GOT7’s Jin-Young ‘He is Psychometric’

Since the airing of the first episode of ‘He is Psychometric’, Kdrama fans have responded with a series of emotions. The drama was aired today on TVN and so far the responses are good and viewers are awaiting episode 2 which will be aired on March 12. Also known as The Psychometric Guy,  this romantic …

Jung Joon Young scandal

Jung Joon Young Mastermind Behind Seungri Scandal!?Illegal Hidden Camera Footage!!

This story/scandal is getting bigger and bigger and involving more people each time it’s reported. This is shaping up to be the type of story to rock the entire Korean Entertainment Industry involving multiple people. According to Reports Jung Joon Young illegally recorded compromising videos of more than ten individuals with on hidden camera. One …