Park Hyung Sik to Enlist In Police Military in the Next Few Months

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Actor and model Park Hyung Sik has reportedly applied to serve as a military police officer of South Korea’s Capital Defense Command and is currently awaiting his results.

According to the report,  “Park Hyung Sik will be going in for his second-round interview on the 9th April and If he is accepted, he will enlist on June 10.”

According to his agency,

“If Park Hyung Sik is accepted to the military police department, he will carry out his military service at the Capital Defense Command.”


They also stated that  “If he is not accepted, he is planning to enlist as an active-duty soldier at the end of May.”

The actor is getting ready for his possible enlistment dates but he is still preparing for his first feature film Jurors 8 which will be released on May 16, next month.