Park Min-young Wears School Uniform in “Her Private Life” And She looks Adorable

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Park Min-young
Park Min-young

Doesn’t Park Min-Young look cute in this adorable school uniform?


The 33-year-old actress will be revisiting high school days in her upcoming drama “Her Private Life”.

Earlier today, tvN revealed new clips of Park Min Young in a high school uniform and the internet is awed at how she doesn’t age a bit.

The romantic comedy tells the story of a professional curator at an art gallery who is secretly an idol fangirl

Park Min Young plays the role of Sung Duk Mi. “Her Private Life” includes other stars such as Kim Jae-wook and Ahn Bo-hyun. It is based on the novel Noona Fan Dot Com which was written by Kim Sung- yeon.

“Her Private Life” will begin airing on April 10.