Park Yoochun confesses to additional charges and his lawyer resigns

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Park Yoochun
Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun confesses

Park Yoochun confessed to additional charges. The singer previously admitted to 3 instances of drug use but on the 30th, he admitted to 2 additional instances. He confessed that he took drugs once in the past summer as well as early this year for a total of 5 times.

According to a report by Channel A ‘News A’ broadcast on the 30th, Yoochun revealed why he confessed to the charges, saying, “It was painful to meet my family in such a trapped state [in jail]. I asked my lawyer what I can do to get out quickly so I ended up confessing to the crimes.”

Park Yoochun‘s lawyer also released a statement on the 30th and said, “Beginning today, I will end all of my work related to Park Yoochun. As previously reported, Yoochun acknowledges all of his actions and is being investigated earnestly.”

Pak Yoochun’s fans also withdrew their support by revealing a letter titled “The Last Letter” on the 29th. The letter by Park Yoochun’s Fan Site DC Gallery read as follows:

“Look up at the sky. I will be praying for you.”

“This was the desperate cry from a fan at his press conference. But he ultimately left behind a lonely pain to us. When did his memories start becoming a pain in our hearts. When was it that we could no longer cheer for his life. Why are we just coming to realize that a star and a fan cannot mix because they are like water and oil. We have gone around and around a long path, and finally seeing the thorny path at the final destination.We did not know. We believed we could support him forever. ‘I was afraid to let go of myself.’ These words he said, we can now feel because we were also afraid to let go of him. 


But now, it’s time for us to walk our separate paths so we will let go of his hand. We hope he reflects on himself until he can let go of all the weight in his heart on his own.”

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