Park Yoochun finally confesses to doing drugs

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Park Yoochun
Park Yoochun

Article: “NO drugs”→ “How did the drugs get in my body?? Investigation” → “I was afraid to let myself go”…Park Yoochun’s heart change

Source: SPOTV News

Park Yoochun who previously declared innocence in drug charges has confessed.

According to the drug investigation department of the Southern Provincial PD, Yoochun admitted to most of the drug doses in a police investigation that began the morning of the 29th. The singer said, “I was afraid to let myself go. But I thought I should confess and apologize.”

In April 26, Suwon District Court approved an arrest warrant for Park Yoochun on charges of purchasing and using meth earlier this year with his ex-girlfriend and Namyang Dairy granddaughter Hwang Hana

. Police believe Yoochun purchased meth 3 times between February and March this year and administered it 5 times. According to police, Yoochun purchased about 1.5g of meth in total at .5g each instance.

Yoochun declared innocence throughout the investigation and held a press conference in tears denying the charges but due to overwhelming CCTV evidence and drug analysis results he was confronted with a tough position and confessed to the crimes.

Police will finalize Yoochun’s investigation next week and forward the case to prosecution.