Perfume Episode 11-12 Recap

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Perfume Episode 11-12 Recap
Perfume Episode 11-12 Recap

Perfume Episode 11-12 Recap. Here is a brief synopsis of the drama:

“Perfume” tells the story of M-in Ye Rin (played by Go Won Hee), a woman who takes a second chance at life to achieve her dream as a model and stumbles into fashion designer Seo Yi Do’s (played by Shin Sung Rok) peaceful life. Yoon Min Suk (played by Kim Min Kyu) is a popular idol as well as the only person who knows about Seo Yi Do’s dark past.

As always this recap contains spoilers, so be read at your discretion.

E-Do Jealous of Ye-Rin and Min Suk

In Episode 11-12 of Perfume, we saw where E-Do is frustrated because Ye-Rin has apparently started dating Min Suk. Not knowing the truth behind Ye-Rin’s sudden interest in Min Suk, E-Do is then left betrayed and also quite insecure.

In the final scene of episode 9-10,  he basically confessed his feelings but because of the sudden surprise, Ye Rin was shocked with the rumor about her and Min Suk, which made her totally disregard everything E-Do had said to her.

E-Do feels frustrated and embarrassed at the same time as it took a lot to relay his feelings to her. 


Min Suk’s Agency Gets Ye Rin and Min Suk to Start Dating

In order to protect Ha Ji Na and Min Suk from the dating rumors, Ye Rin has agreed to go along with Min Suk’s Agency to play as his girlfriend.  Unaware of what would happen in the process Ye-Rin plays along with everything.  The entire time Ye Rin was with Min Suk, it made E-Do really frustrated,as he wanted to be with her.

Min Suk in the process begins to fall for Ye-Rin and has asked her to be his real girlfriend.  Ye Rin who has adored Min Suk since she was fat was in awe with the request. She, however, will be stuck in the middle with her unresolved feelings for E-Do. 

With everything happening it may seem as if Ye Rin is getting her dream come through.


Ye Rin Tries to Let Go E-Do

To make things less complicated for herself Ye-Rin has made up her mind ignore her feelings for E-Do. When the model Son Mi Yoo, tried to seduced E-Do by putting alcohol in his drink, Ye-Rin was the first person he called for. However, instead of going to him as she would normally do, she called Ha Ji Na, to be with him. 


As I’ve mentioned in the previous recap, E-Do has a challenge in communicating his feelings, so at times he may utter some really harsh things to Ye-Rin and that may confuse her of his true feelings. 

As based on what we’ve seen, Ye-Rin is actually E-Do’s past love which he can’t get over. Ye Rin, however, has no memory of that. 


Tae Joon (Ye-Rin’s husband) Questions Kim Jin Kyung About Ye Rin

Curious of the great resemblance between Ye Rin and his wife(same person) Tae Joon questions his daughter Jin Kyung if she works with her at the modeling agency. 

Like Jin Kyung, we see that Tae Joon refuses to believe the possibility it may be Min-hee.

In this scene, we also saw how broken the relationship between Tae Joon and his daughter was. She despises him for giving up on her mother and fooling around with other women.

We witnessed when Kin Kyung referred to her father as a pervert which made him snap and hit her across the face. 


Ye-Rin Stuck In a Love Triangle

As we must have known, love triangles in Korean dramas must happen at some point. Ye-Rin has transformed into a more secure and confident person because of her new found life.

She’s not only a beauty but by possessing the same characteristics of her old self such as being caring and loving, we see where both Min Suk and E-Do has no option but to fall for her.

As mentioned above, Min-suk has professed his feelings to Ye Rin by asking her to be his real girlfriend and E-Do in yesterday’s episode told her she’s allowed to fall for him. 

Not sure which handsome ‘cup of sauce’ to choose from we see in the preview for next week where Ye Rin becomes frustrated. 

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