Perfume Episode 15-16 Recap

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Perfume Episode 15-16 Recap

Perfume Episode 15-16 Recap

Perfume Episode 15-16 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of Perfume. As always these recaps will contain spoilers so keep that in mind while you read. In this episode of Perfume, we got to see further development of the characters. 

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E-Do and Minhee Meet

In the ending of yesterday’s episode of Perfume, Min-hee and E-Do ran into each other, which left them both in shock.  E-Do was surprised because Min Hee is actually the little girl from his childhood that saved him and had promised to never forget him; however, she doesn’t recognize him which makes him really sad.

Meanwhile, Min Hee was left in shock because E-Do saw her for the first time in her untransformed state. Though she knew he would not figure out that she was actually Ye Rin, she was still surprised.

As the episode goes on, we see where E-Do has decided to give up on Min-hee in order to start loving Ye-Rin, not knowing she’s the same person.

In episode 13-14, E-Do had confessed to Ye Rin that she was the second most important person in his life, which gives clarity to the point that Min-hee was his first.

Moreover, based on what we saw in episode 15-16, we are aware that E-Do was willing to love Min Hee despite how overweight she was, all he ever wanted was for her to remember him.

While I was watching this episode, I thought why don’t you tell  Min-hee who you are instead of sitting and hoping all your life that she remembers you. 


Min Hee Lets Go of Tae Joon

Since the start of the series, Tae Joon has been drilling Min-hee to give up on him. Minhee while in the form of Ye Rin has grown so much over the past episodes in regaining her self confidence. It was because of this she was finally able to acknowledge that Tae Joon did not deserve her and she agreed to go through with the divorce.

In the episodes leading up to this, Tae Joon had been conflicted in finding out whether or not Ye Rin was his wife.  When he went to support his daughter at the modeling event he noticed that Ye Rin had done something with her fingers that his wife would usually do.

It was then he approached Ye Rin and tried to find out how it was even possible if this was actually true. E-Do, however, came in just in time to save her.

Video of E-Do and Ye Rin Gets Released

In the past, Mi Yoo had seen Ye Rin exiting E-Do’s room and videoed it. Being resentful towards E-Do, she decided to make it public. By making it public, her intention was to tarnish his character. Ye Rin who had publicized her relationship with Min Suk got caught up in the matter and was classed as a two-timer.

While all of this was going on, all E-Do thought of was to protect Ye Rin. Therefore he brought her to his vacation house so she could get away from the media. While together, he cared for her bruised wounds and his thoughts began to run wild which made E-Do uncomfortable the entire time.

Min Suk, was also quite worried about Ye Rin however Ye Rin believed he was becoming overly excessive with the boyfriend role. She has made it clear that she is not interested to become his real girlfriend, however, Min Suk is determined to make her his woman.

Ha Ji Na, who has been pushed to the sidelines sees that E-Do doesn’t have any intention to get back with her. In this episode, Mr. Park had revealed to Ye Rin, that Ha Ji Nah cheated because E-Do was so focused on getting back to his first love. In their relationship, it was the loneliness that he caused which pushed Ji Nah to cheat. 

Though she loves him, it is best she moves on because as we’ve seen, E-Do’s mind is caught up on his first love and Ye Rin.

Min Suk and E-Do Related

To get Ye Rin way from the media, Min Suk brought her to his mother’s house. While at his mother’s house many things were revealed, one of which was Min suk’s relation to E-Do.

Meantime E-Do agreed to do a press conference to settle the disturbance, however, the matter about him being Min Suk’s half- brother was brought up, to which the media went wild.

To end everything with a bang, E-Do decided to proclaim his love for Ye Rin publicly.

Based on the preview, E-Do will begin to be open about his love, and Min Suk will continue on his journey in making Ye Rin his woman.

It’s kind of funny when you look deep into the story; Minhee/Ye Rin is coming from a point where no one wanted her, not even her own husband, to a point where two of the hottest men who are actually brothers are competing for her love.

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