Perfume Episode 17-18 Recap

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Perfume Episode 17-18 Recap
Perfume Episode 17-18 Recap
Perfume Episode 17-18 Recap

Perfume Episode 17-18 Recap. This episode follows up on E-Do confessing his love for Ye-Rin and the consequences that occur as a result of this. As always be aware of spoilers.

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E-Do’s Shocking Confession

Last week’s episode ended with E-Do publicly confessing that Ye Rin is his woman after a video was revealed which gave people the impression that they were a couple.

In this episode, E-Do visits Ye Rin after the press conference and planted a big kiss on her. Surprised by his sudden change in behavior she is left both emotional and confused.

We have seen a different side of E-Do, someone who is unapologetically happy in love despite the outside world strong criticisms.

Ha Ji Na in the process was very hurt at his sudden confession. This confirmed for her that her getting back with E-Do was close to never. E-Do also showed her his drawings as a child which made her realize that his first love resembles Ye Rin greatly.

Further on in this episode, she explained to E-Do that what he is experiencing isn’t real love; though Ye Rin resembles his first love she isn’t her. 

I sort of feel bad for Ji Na because she has been in love with a man that has always been in love with his first love; hence no matter what she does, E-Do’s heart will be in the same place in the end.

Ye Rin Bombarded by Angry Fans

Ye Rin is happy that the man she likes just confessed his love for her, however being caught up in a scandal with Min Suk and now E-Do have made people despise her.

In this episode, a bunch of fangirls gathered and cornered Ye Rin with burning questions. Her daughter’s high school friend even attempted to reveal Ye Rin’s true nature however it was unsuccessful as everything she said appeared to be ridiculous.

Ye Rin Learns About E-Do’s Painful Past

While talking with E-Do’s mother, it was revealed that E-Do was left by his mother at a very young age. His mother, Joo Hee Eun opened up that she chose love and another life at the time.

E-Do who had a hard time with this had attempted to drown his self. She explained to Ye Rin that at the time she was pregnant with Min Suk so she could not jump into the water to save E-Do in fear of hurting the baby; a little girl however came and saved him.


Ye Rin who seems to have no recollection of the event doesn’t actually know that she was that little girl, who is also E-Do’s first love.

Ye Rin Pulls Away From E-Do

Ye Rin is happy at the fact that E-Do confessed his love. In her life as Min Hee, it has been a long while that anyone had showed her that sort of affection. However, in the process, Ye Rin got cold feet and ran away from E-Do.

Aware of his wounds, Ye Rin realizes that she won’t always be around to be with him, hence her best solution was to run. As we know, the time she has left is decreasing every time she uses the perfume.

Hearing that he almost died, Ye Rin, however, ran back to him without a doubt, which made him very happy.

In returning she decided to add a few more conditions on the housemaid contract, some of which were quite hilarious. The one condition that hit E-Do was the fact he had to let Ye Rin go after the World Fashion Show.

Min Suk Moves In With E-Do

This episode ended with Min Suk making the decision to move in to discredit the rumors that Ye Rin is E-Do’s woman. Obviously, we know the outcome of that won’t be very good, seeing that these brothers love the same woman and have past issues with each other.

The preview appears to be very interesting. Ye Rin will definitely have to deal with these brothers fighting over her.

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