Perfume Episode 19-20 Recap

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Perfume Episode 19-20 Recap
Perfume Episode 19-20 Recap

Perfume Episode 19-20 Recap

Perfume Episode 19-20 Recap. E-Do and Ye Rin continue to explore their feelings for each other even with Min Suk under the same roof. This episode has left me wondering the point in which YeRin will realize that E-Do was the boy she saved.

As always, this recap contains spoilers.

E-Do and Min Suk Battles

In the previous episode of Perfume, Min-suk had decided to move into E-Do’s home with the intention of getting closer to Ye Rin and also to prove to the public that he’s not a loser. Having two brothers under the same roof with unsolved issues made this episode really fun to watch.

Not only did they nag at each other, they constantly competed in getting Ye Rin’s attention.

In marking his territory, E-Do had laser security installed, which caused Min Suk to fall and hurt himself and Later ended up in the hospital.

Ye Rin then had to shift her attention from taking care of E-Do to Min Suk. Of course, E-Do became really petty and competitive in the process.

Ye Rin who is well aware that the brothers have unresolved feelings tried to create a way where they could talk and overcome their animosities. Hence, when Min Suk invited her to go camping, she later told E-Do to come along. They were definitely able to get some things off their chest once they began talking. ButE- Do was funnily possessive most of the time.

Ye Rin Unable to Model

With being the center of the scandal, Ye Rin’s dream has been put on pause. Ha Ji Na had also informed her that she wasn’t getting much business because of the scandal.

Ye Rin who had good intentions when she decided to take the blame for the scandal wasn’t aware that it would interfere with modeling.

E-Do who realized that this made Ye Rin sad tried to cheer her by making her a dress with 120000. If that isn’t sweet I don’t know what is. Min also tried to cheer up Ye Rin, allowing her to be surrounded by a lot of money; as she had confessed that money made her happy.


Further on in the episode, Ye Rin gets a gig, but it was with someone she least expected.

Ye Rin Helps E-Do Overcome His Fears

With its comedic effort, Perfume also had some levels of seriousness. In this episode, Ye Rin was able to get E-Do to agree to therapy. They both. were able to get in touch with their vulnerable sides, which allowed them to also be a comfort to each other.

Since Ye Rin became apart of E-Do’s life, it’s noticeable that he has somewhat been able to face some of his fears. Also the same can be said for Ye Rin whereby she has gotten more confident, which even helps her to embrace herself as Min Hee. Also, she has been able to get over years of unhappiness and neglect that was caused by her husband.

Tae Joon Becomes Obsessive

Tae Joon in this episode asked to meet up with Min Jee to sign the divorce papers, he, however, had ulterior motives. By realizing that Ye Rin could somehow be his wife, Tae Joon told Min Hee that he wanted them to try and work things out.

Min Hee surprised at his request made it clear that she has no intention to get back with him. By remembering the painful life she had with Tae Joon and the foolish attempt she made to take his life and hers made her remember a state of hopelessness; that she definitely did not want to face again.

Tae Joon obsessed over Ye Rin recruited her for a job with his company with the intention of having a one on one with her. By accusing Ye Rin of being Min Hee, Tae Joon got overly obsessive and pushy, which made Ye Rin uncomfortable. It was then E-Do came to her rescue.

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