Perfume Episode 21-22 Recap

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Perfume Episode 21-22 Recap
Perfume Episode 21-22 Recap
Perfume Episode 21-22 Recap

Perfume Episode 21-22 Recap. This episode of Perfume reveals the decision that E-Do makes to go after Min Jae Hee his first love, we also see where Ye Rin is left in frustration when she is without her miraculous Perfume.

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Seo E-Do Decides to Save Min Jae Hee

Since the last episode, we learned that E-Do has been secretly investigating Min Jae Hee. It was then he found out about the miserable and pathetic life she has been living with her unfaithful husband, Tae Joon. E-Do who is obviously still searching for some return of love from Min Jae Hee decides to save her.

In the process of making his decision, he tells YeRin that it is best for them to stop prolonging the complicated relationship that exists between them, as he has decided to give himself fully to his first love.

Ye Rin who is shocked by this is left hurt and confused, as E-Do has done nothing but confess his love for her lately. She is now left questioning how genuine his love was.

The irony of this whole thing is that E-Do is leaving Ye Rin to be with Min Jae Hee not knowing that they are the same person.

Furthermore, I believe that E-Do has been selfish in his relationship with both Ha Ji Nah and now Ye Rin, he pulls them in and then later pushes them away whenever the subject of his first love surfaces.

He also appears to be pretty confused in his love for Ye Rin, because even though he pushes her away he still protects her.

Tae Joon Tests His Curiosity

Tae Joon is convinced that the model Ye Rin is actually his wife Min Jae Hee. In testing his prediction he goes to the extent of recruiting Ye Rin for representing a brand at his company.

Ye Rin who had no option in the matter must work with him as her career has been on the decline with her current scandal.

In this episode, Tae Joon tests his curiosity by going through Ye Rin’s purse which ended with him in possession of her miraculous perfume.

Ye Rin who is constantly blamed and misunderstood by the public also faced Tae Joon’s mistress, in this scene she was slapped across the face and blamed for trying to seduce Tae Joon.

It is really sad that this whole thing started with her trying to protect Min Suk and Ha Ji Nah but ended with her becoming the most hated person.

Ye Rin Almost Caught By Min Suk

Min Suk who is such a sweetheart almost had the fright of his life when Ye Rin suddenly changed into Min Jae Hee.

In this episode, Min Suk had given YeRin a couple’s hairpin and it later became the object which allowed him to question why Min Jae Hee was in possession of it. Being curious, he decides to secretly follow MinHee to get an understanding of what was going on. The preview for the next episode shows us that he will be somewhat haunted by his finding.

In the form Min Jae Hee, Ye Rin actually realized how sweet and considerate Min Suk is.

E-Do, Min Jae Hee and Tae Joon

The modeling contract with Tae Joon’s company became a success which led to E-Do, Min Jae Hee and Tae Joon face to face. Ye Rin who is stuck in the form of Jae Hee, faced a big challenge in changing back to YeRin as Tae Joon was in possession of her perfume.

Seeing Tae Joon and  Jae Hee interaction made E-Do quite angry as he is well aware of the mistreatment Min Hee had been through. He was actually puzzled that she was with him even after everything that transpired.

With this uneasiness, he then decided to confront Jae Hee and voiced his frustration of her forgetting him.

It appears that Ye Rin will find out that E-Do is the boy from her past in the next episode.

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