Perfume Episode 23-24 Recap

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Perfume Episode 23-24 Recap

Perfume Episode 23-24 Recap. This episode showed us progress in terms of the storyline between E-Do and Min Jae Hee and also we see where people around her are starting to suspect her true identity.  Let us get into the highlights of this episode.

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Min Suk Troubled By His Suspicions

In yesterday’s episode, Min Suk came really close in finding out Ye Rin’s true identity. Since then he has been puzzled of the possibility of what had transpired. In this episode, he had a nightmare of marrying Ye Rin but she later turned into Min Jae Hee. This really freaked him out.

By trying to find answers, he visits the alley in which he saw Ye-Rin ran to and also where he first met Min Hee, to put his mind at ease.

He definitely has been staying away from Ye Rin, frightened that what he saw may actually be real.

E-Do also had a moment where he questioned the possibility of Min Hee being the same person as Ye Rin.

At the start of this episode, when TaeJoon and Min Hee were fighting, E-Do came to her rescue. It was then he noticed a scar on her forehead which later turned out to be the same scar Ye Rin had.

However, based on how absurd the thought was, he shrugged it off.

Ye Rin Remembers E-Do

Finally, Ye Rin has remembered that the boy she saved as a child was E-Do. To confirm everything she went back to her house to find a picture that E-Do had drawn.

Surprised by the fact that E-Do still remembered her all this time and also still loved her meant the world to Ye Rin.

She, however, doesn’t inform E-Do that she knows that she is actually his first love.

Tae Joon Gets Proof

Tae-Joon who is still convinced that Ye Rin and Min Jae Hee are the same person went ahead and requested the video file from the night he encountered her.

On this, he saw where Ye Rin was fleeing the building while wearing the same clothes that Min Jae Hee had worn.


He has also figured out that based on Jae Hee’s interest in finding the perfume, it must have something to do with her miraculous change.

E-Do tells Ha Ji Na To Give Up

Although Ha Ji Na is determined to carry on loving E-Do, he basically tells her to stop as she will end up getting hurt again. He makes it clear that he has found his first love and will now live for her.

Ji Nah who is quite desperate and in need of E-Do’s love is willing to settle for a partnership or even friendship as long as she is able to live as ‘his woman’.

He, however, lets her know that he doesn’t want to live like that, he wants to love and to be loved.

E-Do Goes on a Date With Min Jae Hee

In an attempt to reveal the truth to E-Do,  Jae Hee agreed to go on a date with E-Do. Elated by this, E-Do reserved the best restaurant, laid out red carpets and had Jae Hee picked up in a limousine.

He also had a slideshow so that she could see all his achievements over the years.

Jae Hee who is actually Ye Rin was not impressed by all of this as she knew of it by living with him.

This episode ended with Jae Hee requesting a hug from E-Do who seems to have passed out due to the intensity of the hug. Next episode seems to be the big moment in which E-Do will find out Ye Rin’s true identity.

Also, did you all notice that Min Jae Hee has lost a lot of weight? I am extremely proud of her growth as a character.

I’m hoping to see a lot more progress in the next episode.

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