Perfume Episode 25-26 Recap

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Perfume Episode 25-26 Recap. This episode continued with Ye RIn battling to tell E-Do the truth about her hidden identity.

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Min Jae Hee Tries to Break It Off With E-Do

This episode picked up from last week with E-Do and Jae-hee going on a date. E-Do, however, had fainted in the middle of their hug. In realizing that her time will be up soon Min Hee in this episode have tried to break it off with E-Do. Deep down inside, she is grateful and faltered that he has loved her even after several years and even when she had gained a lot of weight and did not find herself attractive.

Min Jae Hee at the start of this series was yearning for love and attention from her husband, she was also ashamed and embarrassed by how she looked. But now, knowing that even then E-Do had loved her, melts her heart.

E-Do Left Heart Broken

Seo E-Do again has been rejected by Jae Hee and he feels hopeless in love. Unaware of the reason Jae Hee doesn’t want to be with him, he is left with burning questions. In his mind, Jae Hee is an unhappy marriage and wants to break free and he wants to do everything he can to help her.

Even after being rejected we also see in this episode where he tried to help Jae Hee by providing embezzlement documents that could get Tae Joon locked up. 

Furthermore, in dealing with his heartache, E-Do tried hypnotherapy with the intention that he would lose his memories of Jae Hee. For a second, he was convinced that it had worked but that was just him trying to deny the rejection and heartbreak he had experienced. 

Ye Rin Offers to be Min Hee for a Day

Furthermore, in this episode, Ye Rin is witnessing all of what E-Do is going through after breaking up with him in the form of Jae Hee.

She is able to witness the unfiltered love E-Do shows for Jae hee. In an attempt to comfort him, she offered to act as Jae Hee for a day. Hilariously she did a sort of crazy things which made E- Do laugh. This also had put E-Do in a tough position; with him feeling guilty for putting Ye Rin on the sidelines while he figures out the complications with his first love. Ye Rin who is Jae Hee is not offended by this, she is however hurt by the fact E-Do is facing a hard time and she is not able to tell him the truth.  


Also while constantly transferring from one body to the other Ye Rin is starting to face the consequence. In this episode, she started to get nose bleeds. This further reveals to her that her time will be up soon.

Min-suk Keeps Ye Rin at a Distance/ Tae Joon Threatens Min Jae-Hee

Since the last episode, Min-suk has been afraid to approach Ye Rin and be his usual self with her, as he is aware of the possibility that she may be the lady form the alley(Jae Hee). In this episode, in an attempt to make sense of everything, he tried to find out more from E-Do about Min Hee.

He was even tempted to tell him what knows about Ye Rin, but the idea of it seems absurd when said out loud.

Also in this episode, Tae Joon is still on his mission to get back his wife after his years of infidelity. Last episode he had found the suspicious video footage of  Jae-hee transforming into Ye Rin. He is using this as a leverage to get her back. 

Ye Rin Tells the Truth

Towards the ending of this episode, E-Do opened up to Ye Rin about his past and the difficulties he faced. Ye Rin was curious as to why he never approached Min-hee since he had come across her more than once.

Also, upon realizing that the difficulty E-Do went through as a youngster is similar to what she faced after getting pregnant and gaining weight, it gave her the courage to save him of his pain by telling him that she is actually his first love.
The preview for the next episode seems to be quite exciting as Ye Rin will have to deal with the aftereffect of revealing the most hidden part of her life.

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