Perfume Episode 9-10 Recap

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Perfume Episode 9-10 Recap
Perfume Episode 9-10 Recap

Perfume Episode 5 Recap

Perfume Episode 9-10 Recap.  Before, I get in the recaps of this episode, here is a brief synopsis of the drama:

“Perfume” tells the story of Min Ye Rin (played by Go Won Hee), a woman who takes a second chance at life to achieve her dream as a model and stumbles into fashion designer Seo Yi Do’s (played by Shin Sung Rok) peaceful life. Yoon Min Suk (played by Kim Min Kyu) is a popular idol as well as the only person who knows about Seo Yi Do’s dark past.

As always this recap contains spoilers, so be read at your discretion.

Mi-Do cares for Wounded Ye-Rin

perfume ep 5 recap

perfume ep 5 recap

The last episode ended with Ye-Rin holding on to a tree limb at the cliff of a hill. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt badly; ironically it was her overweight state that she hated so much that saved her life as she was cushioned from the fall.

After being treated by the hospital, E-Do was determined to get Ye-rin back on track. Hurting her wrists Ye Rin was unable to carry out her daily tasks and even though E-Do was reluctant at first he eventually helped her with cooking, getting fit, scratching her back and even washing her (well only because her hair began to smell).

Ha Ji Na Gets Jealous of Ye-Rin

perfume recap episode 5

In this episode, Ha Ji Na began to show her jealousy of Ye Rin. She started to notice changes in E-Do’s personality. He was the type of person not to care for anyone but himself however she saw how he became flustered when Ye-Rin was in danger.

Based on what we know so far, Ji Na had cheated on E-Do and it appears to be with Min-Suk, this explains why E-Do loathes Min-Suk.

Being threatened by Ye-Rin’s closeness to E-Do, Ji Na has commanded Ye-Rin to move out, however that will be very unlikely seeing that E-Do is falling for Ye-Rin.


 Jin Kyung (Ye-Rin’s Daughter)  Attempts to Make Sense of the Situation

In last week’s episode, Jin Kyung had found a picture of her mother which greatly resembles Ye-Rin. Since then she has been a bit confused and has a lot of unanswered questions.  In her mind, all the signs fit perfectly except for the fact that Ye Rin is skinny and her mom is fat.

When she confronted YeRin about what she had found, in an attempt to protect and not scare her daughter Ye Rin lied.

E-Do and Ye Rin Confess their feelings

Perfume Episode 5 Recap b

E-Do is terrible at hiding his feelings for Ye-Rin. Even though he doesn’t think highly of her, his heart has been telling him otherwise. Not only does he ignore his fears to protect her, but he also gets jealous whenever she entertains Min-Suk.

In this episode, when Ye-Rin almost drowned we saw how much E-Do was upset. He was scared at the thought that Ye-Rin was badly hurt. I strongly believe he does have a challenge in expressing his feelings, as we’ve seen he says really harsh things when his emotions are heightened.

I know that this must be confusing for Ye-Rin every time he pushes her away and pulls her back in. After drinking a bottle of Suju, we saw where she blurted out the truth of her affections to him. BEing flustered by what Ye Rin said, E-Do who obviously feels the same way tells Ye-Rin that she may now fall for him.

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