Police have enough evidence to request an arrest warrant for Seungri

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Jung joon young arrested
Jung joon young arrested

Police have obtained sufficient evidence to proceed to prosecution.

According to a report by Sports Chosun on the 15th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has secured records of financial transactions that prove the money paid to the prostitutes by Seungri is hard to see as simply “travel expenses” as previously claimed by the singer.  Due to this discovery, police plan to request an arrest warrant for the former Big Bang member.

Police believe that even if Seungri did not directly request sexual favors, the financial records seized prove that the funds paid to the female entertainers are blatantly outside of the scope of a simple “travel expense reimbursement.” The police are currently investigating the source of the funds.

In addition to this case, the police are also investigating Seungri for suspicions of embezzlement from Yuri Holdings to pay for legal expenses involving a sexual harassment case for a DJ from another business of his, a bar and lounge called Monkey Museum.

On top of these allegations, police have confirmed that Seungri had a close relationship with the Chief of Police Superintendent Yoon

. This is because Seungri, together with Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In-seok, met the Superintendent frequently for dinner and golf outings. Superintendent Yoon previously claimed he paid for all the golf outings and meals but the investigation proved otherwise.  Last month the Police raided the golf course where they frequently golfed and confirmed that CEO Yoo covered the expenses and can prove at least 6 instances where Seungri and Mr. Yoo met the Superintendent. 

On top of these charges, police are also investigating Seungri on suspicions of sexual assault, police collusion, gambling and prostitution, tax evasion, embezzlement and more. The police are seeking an arrest warrant for Seungri along with other charges as soon as the investigation is completed.

The police are also seeking an arrest warrant for Park Hanbyul’s husband Mr. Yoo In-Seok, the co-founder and CEO of Yuri Holdings.

Source: Daily Naver and   Sports Chosun