President Moon Jae In issues Emergency Order|Reinvestigate the cases of the Burning Sun

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Earlier today (March 18, 2019) President Moon Jae-in released an official emergency order to carefully reinvestigate the Burning Sun which involves Jang Ja Yeon’s Suicide case and Kim Hak Eui’s Rape Scandal.

Many of us up to this date are still mourning over victims from the Burning Sun Case; since it was made public this case has so far revealed a lot of scandalous and disgraceful behavior that exists in the entertainment industry in South Korea as well as the border society.

“The case of the Gangnam club is a case of suspicion that criminal activities including the use of narcotics and sexual violence by privileged groups including entertainers have happened with help from some authorities such as the police and the National Tax Service. If the suspicions are true, it would be a great shock. Although this has happened under the past government, it is probable that the same behavior has been passed to this government, so thorough investigations and investigations are needed regardless. Similar illegal activities, criminal behavior, and collusion with power institutions may exist in other similar entertainment establishments, so there should also be intensive investigations and investigations on those parts. The common characteristic is that it involves the privileged and the investigative agencies such as the prosecution and police have been intentionally conducting a bad investigation or actively obstructing the investigation of the truth. The incidents may be a thing of the past, but I want you to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the current leadership of the prosecution and the police to reveal its truth, reveal its own shame, and become a trusted assessment agency again. There can be parts where the statute of limitations is over as it is an old case, and there can be parts where it isn’t. I hope that the statute of limitations is covered by the facts & that if there is any criminal activity that remains, we will give strict judicial treatment. The public, along with demands for truthfulness, is expressing strong suspicion and anger over what has happened and why in the past investigation. If we don’t find out the truth about these cases involving the privileged class, we won’t be able to say we’re a just society.”


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In 2009 during the investigation, it was alleged that the staff of the Burning Sun would drug women and take to take to private rooms to VIPs who had given sexual orders. Chartrooms between celebrities and high profile members of the Korean society was also exposed to be a part of illicit activities such as sharing of videos of women without their consent and using them for prostitution among themselves.

A popular victim of the case is Jang Ja Yeon, who was a co-star in Boys Over Flowers, committed suicide in 2009.  In her suicide noted she confessed that she was forced to entertain and bed numerous (10-31) well-known figures. Sadly none of the names listed in the letter brought to court.

Since the occurrence of the Burning Sun, many victims have come forward about being raped and drugged by high figures in South Korean society.