Recap and Review of “Her Private Life” Episodes 1 and 2

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            <strong>H<span style="color: var(--color-neutral-600);">er Private Life Synopsis</span><span style="color: var(--color-neutral-600);">:</span></strong>

Sung Duk-mi is a talented curator who is also a fan of an idol group member named Shi-an. Ryan Gold becomes the new director at the gallery she works at and slowly falls in love with her.

Main Cast 

  • Park Min-young as Sung Duk-mi
A curator at an art gallery who runs a fan website on her free time.
  • Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold
Director of the gallery. He is usually not interested in other people’s lives but he starts to be curious about Duk-mi’s.

    Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

  • Drama: Her Private Life
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Apr 10, 2019 – May 30, 2019
  • Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday

Here is what Kdrama fans over the internet have to say about the new Kdrama “Her Private Life”.


Let’s just ignore the fact that Handsome Oppa, uhhhh, I mean, Kim Jae-Wook is basically one of my reasons for fangirl living and could quite possibly skew any objective perception I have for this show. Instead, let’s appreciate that this was a zippy and fun premiere and I’m totally smitten with all the characters, which is all that really matters in a rom-com since we already know what the plot will be. I adore how Deok-mi makes it clear that being a fangirl is a vital part of who she is, but it isn’t all that she is. You can be a respectable adult with a career and still giggle over your favourite K-pop idol! Even though Ryan is the standard tsundere lead that we’ve seen a hundred times before, I love that he’s willing to recognize his mistakes, admit he was wrong, and do what he can to fix it (even if it means questioning his inherent biases). The cherry on top is Deok-mi and Sun-joo’s affectionate friendship and shared fangirling. They are so delightful that I almost wish they were the OTP that Ryan (mistakenly, alas) believes them to be. After all, nothing could be more important than friendship and fandom — er, except for maybe Handsome Oppa’s work-of-art cheekbones.


Park Min-young has been in some mad good dramas, so whenever she has a new show, I pay attention. Add in Kim Jae-Wook, and I’m sold. The first episode was pretty entertaining and with just enough quirkiness to get me interested. Hopefully, the quirk factor and humour will be enough to add pizzazz to a plot that’s already leaning towards the predictable.


watched the first episode but it did not catch my attention yet. The fangirl part is a bit annoying and over the top. Will see how it progresses.



( loveblossom)

First episode wasn’t that impressive. It was an intro/setup, but I was curious. I like the second episode more. It’s interesting to see the close-up look and focus on the fanlife. Some parts are so relatable while other moments were fascinating. I already adore the friendship between Sun Joo & Deok Mi and wish I had a fangirl-mate in real life. I like that Deok Mi is very good at her job and is able to maintain her fangirl life just fine. Nearly rolled my eyes at Ryan’s traumatic past trope though. Loved hearing Kim Jae Wook speak English. Ryan with an RRRR = Totally cracked me up when he corrected his doctor who pronounced his name with a ‘L’.


mmm… it’s nice, but maybe I was expecting too much… I got distracted some times while watching the show and I didn’t love that memory of him and delusions of hers, but I like the leads, especially KJW, so I will continue watching, hoping for an improvement.




A solid premiere. Some minor red flags indicating we may see over-used drama tropes, but I’ll be sticking around.


I like it. I like the glossy, candy-coloured aesthetic. I like the humour. I like the cast. But I am a little at odds with the story at the moment, which I’m hoping will improve.

( miss h)

I was bored.


So as you can see the comments above varies, some persons enjoyed it while others didn’t. How about you?


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