Review: Why You Need To Watch 2019 Korean Drama Kill It

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Guest Post by: Yoon Ji Ah

Kill It

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Mar 23, 2019 – Apr 28, 2019

This is one of the recommendations I would certainly make if someone asked me. Why? Because, actually, I am not someone crazy about action movies, on the contrary,  I’m a real dreamer who easily cries to a romantic movie or a good song!

Korean Drama: Kill It


I only need my instinct to tell me when a movie is good and worth watching. But a drama named ’Kill It’?… why not admit there was a time when I wouldn’t give it any try?!…And then, Jang Ki-Yong … After the ‘Come and Hug Me’drama, I thought: what can he show us this time? But once again, he proves that his talent is overwhelming, through his natural, shattering, brilliant, emotional playing.

His character here (Kim Soo Hyun) is like a shadow, a complete mystery, an elite assassin who lives anonymously… the most lethal men, with a cold image, but actually a passionate animal lover and a skilled veterinarian.  He has to kill in order to find information regarding his mysterious past. He has a warm heart but wounded by serious childhood events. His empathy with Do Hyun Jin (Nana) since childhood, where their destinies crossed at one point, comes back when they meet again today under serious circumstances. She is an excellent but also arrogant detective who  has suffered trauma but still keeps pushing forward.  She tries  to find out if Kim Soo Hyun is a serial killer, as she suspects, not knowing that things are more complicated than they seem. Their chemistry is great! The storyline is so interesting, so intense and dramatic, that you have no chance to get bored! Jang Ki-Yong’s play was so perfect, that looks like this role is made for him!Jang Ki-Yong, I can hardly wait for your future choices and movie characters! Overall, a soundtrack that shakes hearts!

Below is the official trailer of Kill It

KILL IT 킬잇 _ Official Trailer here:

Guest Post by: Yoon Ji Ah

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