Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap

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Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap
Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap

Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap

Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap here for all my Drama Obsess viewers. This episode was great. We saw some character development from the female and male lead, also both characters seem to understand Doctor Kim a bit more. As I predicted in my what to expect in episode 3 article, Master Kim made a massive showing of skills to impress his subordinates as well as those who wish to rival him.

Minister of Defence Second Surgery at Doldam Hospital

As we already know from previous episodes the minister of defense had a successful surgery by Master Kim following a major accident. Do Yoon Wan wants to take the spotlight from Master Kim, assemble Goeda Hospital’s best surgeons for a second surgery on the Defence Minister. During the second surgery, the Goeda Hospital surgeons were nothing short of astonished by how impressive Master Kim’s first surgery was done. They opened up the defense minister and were searching for the bleeding site, during which one of the surgeons from Goeda mistakenly cut a blood vessel. This resulted in the male lead taking charge to fix the problem as well as the second surgery being postponed unsuccessfully due to swelling of the Minister’s organs.

Master Kim Surgery on the Defence Minister Secretary

Master Kim performed a successful surgery on the Defence Minister Secretary. It turns out that the Minister’s Bodyguard is the brother of his secretary. He was very impressed and happy with the fact that Master Kim saved his brother. If you remember back to about episodes 2 or 3 the camera kept showing us the bodyguard looking anxious, at first I thought he was guilty of something. However, it turns out he was just worried about his brother.

The Female Lead (Cha Eun Jae) Curses out Male Lead (Seo Woo Jin)

Cha Eun Jae (FL) was angry with Seo Woo-Jin (ML) because she thought he stole her chance to be on the Defence Minister Second Surgery. She wanted to use this opportunity to go back to Geoda Hospital. However, the opportunity was given to Seo Woo Jin, plus the fact that she was fainting and falling asleep in the OR was brought up, she was very upset about this. She confronted Seo Woo Jin and basically called him a backstabber and a sell-out opportunist. Seo Woo Jin was clearly hurt by this and walked away.

She eventually found out that Seo Woo Jin didn’t betray her but instead was asked by Mister Kim to perform the surgery along with the surgeons from Geoda Hospital. This is because he was in the first surgery and could properly fill in the other surgeons on what took place in the first surgery. Cha Eun Jae felt bad once she found this out and wanted to apologize to Seo Woo Jin. She eventually did and he accepted now its water under the bridge.


Minister of Defence Son Wants to Sue Master Kim

The Minister’s Son came to Doldam Hospital, where he was briefed on the failure of the second surgery on his father. Also, a reporter leaked some false news to him about Master Kim not doing his job correctly during the first surgery, which is why the second one failed. The false information was released by Do Yoon Wan in an attempt to get rid of Master Kim. The Son was informed that there was a video taken during the surgery that confirmed that Master Kim committed malpractice. However, the video in question was actually evidence that showed the second surgery failed due to the mistake made by Geoda Hospital surgeon. 

They tried to delete and deny that the video existed. Luckily Cha Eun Jae witnessed the surgeon who made the mistake trying to hide the video on his thumb drive and called him out to expose him. She saved Master Kim, and basically the whole Doldam Hospital as the minister’s son wanted to sue Master Kim and the entire Hospital for malpractice. Once everything became clear the son apologized to Master Kim and the episode ended on a good note.

Seo Woo Jin got the ten grand that he wanted earlier than expected. Master Kim explained that it was a loan and he had to stick around for 10 months to pay him back a thousand dollars a month.


This episode was really great. It resolved the minister story arch, character development by the male and female characters. It also created the perfect scenario for both leads to stay in Doldam Hospital for quite a while. Female Lead betrays Geoda Hospital by exposing the video so she is not going back anytime soon and the male lead has to pay back master Kim for 10 months.

The episode ended with male lead creditors catching up with him. However, he has the ten grand now to pay them but this situation should make the next episode really entertaining to watch.

Romantic Doctor 2 episode 4 Recap