'Rooftop Prince' actor Park Yoo-chun's Tested Positive For Drugs+ Agency Terminates Contract

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The Rooftop Prince actor has caught himself in a bundle after he was tested positive for drug use earlier today. His agency C-JeS Entertainment, has announced that they have terminated the contract with the actor and that he will retire.
According to C-JeS Entertainment,

“We came to a conclusion that we won’t be able to recover our relationship of [mutual] trust with Park Yoochun and decided to terminate the exclusive contract.”

They further noted that,

“Just as Park Yoo-chun stated during the press conference, he will be retiring from the industry. Further scheduled promotional activities will be cancelled, and he will follow according to the Department of Justice’s decision.


The agency deeply acknowledges the gravity and responsibility for the matter. We will do our best to go through reform and take strict measures to prevent such an incident from arising again.”

Yoochun initially denied the allegations and one of the urine tests conducted turned out to be negative, but an arrest warrant was sought by the police when a drug test conducted using a sample of the actor’s leg hair turned positive.
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